Mining is a new site that provides a central location for Mining Software professionals to share or sell their software products, software extensions and tools. It also provides a venue for publishing Product and Technical reviews and white papers. Any item can be distributed for free, or promoted on a commercial basis, with payment via credit card followed by immediate download.

One of the notable features of the site is that it is moderated. In other words the author and origin of each downloadable item is verified. For mining software product and technical reviews content is also moderated prior to upload to ensure that articles are credible, have a reasonable basis and are not unjustifiably positive or disparaging about other vendors or products. The site is new and it is hoped that the amount of high value content grows steadily to ensure the site establishes its credentials and provides an ongoing positive service to the mining software community.

This may be an opportunity for the many Surpac script writers to both share and download the wide range of Surpac Tools and Extensions that have been developed by Surpac professionals around the globe, helping build the capability of Surpac users everywhere.